UniSA | Transforming anatomy from a first-year headache to many students’ favourite subject

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Anatomy is widely recognised as one of the most challenging subjects for first-year allied health students. As the subject is essential to future careers in high-demand areas such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy, the University of South Australia has developed a novel teaching method to help students succeed in this challenging, but essential, subject.  

The team's approach has three dimensions. Firstly, they have adopted a dynamic, personal and engaging method of delivering classes, where fun and learning happily co-exist.  

Secondly, they have gone to great lengths to ensure their learning environment is comfortable and human-focused.  

And thirdly, they have created a unique peer tutoring program, in which students who have previously completed the anatomy course support first-year students. Assessment of the program, published in the Journal of Allied Health, found it has delivered outstanding benefits for first-year students, while also providing benefits for peer tutors, including entry into the academic profession for some.

Finalists - Dr Arjun Burlakoti, Dr Nicola Massy-Westropp and Dr Harsha Wechalekar

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