UNSW | New technologies to save homes in bushfire-prone areas

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Increasingly, Australia's vulnerability to extreme weather conditions, and the frequency of major bushfires, are major risks to homes in bushfire prone areas.

The University of New South Wales’ Professor Guan Yeoh and his team have developed a suite of innovative fire protection and suppression technologies that will better safeguard homes and effectively minimise exposure to fire threats.  

Professor Yeoh is world renowned in the field of fire safety and his innovations are helping to keep people and property safe. Importantly among these innovations has been the development and commercialisation of FSA FIRECOAT paint (sold at Bunnings), which insulates a building when exposed to flames.

FSA FIRECOAT protects people, structures and the environment from fire and other threats, and has received global certifications for safety and fire-retardancy.

Finalist - Professor Guan Yeoh

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